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The Spice of Life

The truth is I use Penzeys spices almost exclusively and, from time to time I will be referring to some of their different blends of spices. Whenever possible I will try and breakdown the specific ingredients that go into any given mix but, I urge you to click on the link and buy some spices! Penzeys is known for using the best spices and herbs from all over the world. They are economical to use and the quality can not be beat. If you are lucky enough to live near a Penzeys please do yourself a favor and see for yourself. I love trying all the different blends as they are always coming up with something new. My true test of any of their spice blends is how great they are on my morning eggs... Yup! that is right whether I scramble, poach, fry... it always gives me ideas in what kind of dishes I would like to try them on. Penzeys will make cooking more inspirational for you.
Every time I go into a Penzeys I buy something I know I do not have in my spice cupboard - better yet I try to buy something I have never tried before at all. You will see that there are endless possibilities to cooking once you start exploring what they have to offer. I have created entire meals just by smelling a new blend of world class spices.
Don't get me wrong I have spices in my cupboard that I have purchased at the grocery store but once you try Penzeys there is no doubt that you will become hooked. Possibly even spoiled for life!

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