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7 Soups in 7 Days: #1 Filipino Wedding Soup

Filipino Wedding Soup

It seems somehow appropriate that my "husband-in-law" [I'll explain later!] is responsible for the creation of this wonderful soup... better yet I get to construe a story that is all about me. First, let me explain what is easy. Kerry Dean Shannon, my husband-in-law and dear friend was for the most part married to my best friend Michael and, since we basically have a theory that what is ours [Michael's and mine] individually is ours collectively so, the importance of it all was the very source of it's creation. There was no sappy gay wedding or anything like that; nonetheless, they lived together, committed, in love, as one. Since Michael means so much to me I couldn't wrap my brain around referring to Kerry Dean as my brother-in-law because aside from Michael he means something more to me than my best friends partner. Even though they no longer live together as partners they still are very much a part of each others lives. For me there was something more important there... however in my native English tongue there were no words!!!

So, doing what I have done for many, many years... I made the $#%?ing word up! [I am so brilliant: that is one of the many ways so...] Alas! husband-in-law came into being in my vocabulary. The moment of the birth of the word was born in complexity and though it is not to be translated literally the elements are what is most important. Understand it or not: it is my word, it is significant to me, it states the importance of what he means to me, Kerry gets it and that is all that matters!

These are unlikely ingredients for a soup bearing the name: Filipino Wedding Soup but, my husband-in-law invented it on an early autumn mid-western day in celebration regarding my forthcoming coming wedding. Don't misunderstand the gravity of the situation... there was no one in my life, no wedding on the horizon, just well wished hope for a shared future. It somehow seems ironic that today, on my birthday [TODAY REALLY IS MY BIRTHDAY!], as I post this soup recipe I have a ring on my finger... yes on that finger!

Remove the casings from 6 Italian sausages and brown in a large soup pot. Drain off fat and add a large package of mushrooms (sliced) and a few minced cloves of garlic. When mushrooms start to wilt down add 6-8 cups of chicken stock. Bring up to heat. Add 1 package of frozen cheese tortellini and cook in broth according to package directions. Just as tortellini is finished cooking add a large can of crushed tomatoes and a bag of frozen petite peas. Simmer back up to a boil and serve hot.

This is a great soup for a main course. Serve with a great salad and your favorite bread.

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    Does this mean you're making soup for dinner?