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I have lots of guy friends that eat like shit! They eat fast food, gas station food, convenient store food, frozen pizzas, and a host of other crap that has no nutritional value whatsoever. Their diets consist of empty useless and unhealthy calories, and chemicals that have absolutely no business being inside of my friends, let alone the food they eat!       

They feel good about themselves for eating their vegetables - ordering French fries at Mac Donald's. Over the years I have had these boys over for dinner only to be told that they do not like “this” or they don't like “that!” Fine! Whatever! After a time it usually turns out that they do like “this” and they do like “that!” Point is, they don't cook for themselves because they think they don't know how to cook. BALDERDASH!!!! My mission: for my friends, this is the reason this particular segment has come to life. See, I am not trying to turn everyone out into a eat like me junkie, I just have serious concerns for the state of health for these men in my life, all of them! I am healthier - if not just a little -  than perhaps a little more.


My undertaking in this reoccurring department is for men, [and women,] to eat better by utilizing smart, quick and easy cooking techniques, preparations, ingredients, and recipes. Being a single guy, I realize that it isn't always convenient to eat healthy and smart without dragging out all the pots and pan and gadgets I need to cook. In the following segment I will show you great ways to eat good whole-healthy food that is easy to prepare for any person on the go! Since I enjoy visiting my local farmers markets in the spring through fall when they are available to me, I have come up with great ways to eliminate waste and actually use all of the veggies I buy at each exciting visit. On a green note: one of the best things you can do for the environment, believe it or not, is to shop your local farmers markets. For one, most local farmers farm responsibly. Buying local saves gas, packaging [especially if you bring your own basket, bags, etc.] If you are not sure take a moment to have a conversation with him or her and ask! Ask what. Ask how. Ask why. You can check the internet for farmers market near you.

Eating better sounds great, but I usually don't have the time or energy of going through the motions – I am usually spent when I get home after working all day. At times, doesn't it seem like more effort to cook yourself dinner than it is worth? I used to feel the same way, but if you process all of your vegetables when you get home you are already more than half way there. Just think, if you spend 15-25 minutes or so getting everything ready for the coming week – you will save that same amount of time each time you prepare yourself dinner. Imagine what you could do with that extra hour or two every week? In almost all of these cases you can prepare a home cooked meal for one or two, [even more if you are so inclined!] in the time its takes to make a pot of rice, cook pasta, or boil potatoes. Most of the recipes are made in a single pot or pan also cutting down on your clean-up time! If you are deciding to forgo starches than you can prepare some of these meals in a matter of minutes. Seriously!!!

The list is important. It is a good idea and practice to realize the facts. How many times are you going to be eating home cooked food this week? I like to make a soup at the end of the week if I have an abundance of vegetables or I will simply throw them in a ziploc bag and toss them into the freezer to use at a later date.. I like to eat what is available to me in the season. Actually, I like making my choices of the best product available to me in the moment where ever I may be shopping for my weekly ingredients. These are all great things to consider when buying your fresh product. If I am long on celery, carrots, and onions, I may sautee them quickly throw them into a pot with some water and a chicken breast. Viola! I have a quick soup in all of 15 or 20 minutes. If I am feeling really adventurous and I and in a more homey mood or I just want something a little more hearty, I will thicken that up with some butter, cream and a little flour. I fill a ramekin and top it with a little pie crust, [every time I make one I make an extra, because you can keep a crust frozen for weeks if you wrap in tightly in plastic wrap,] and before you know it... homemade chicken-pot-pies.

Over the next few months I will share scores of quick and easy recipes. It is amazing what you can do with a chicken breast and a can of garbanzo beans. Eat this way and I guaranty that you will have great burst of energy and if you are true to the task, chances are that you will find your self a few pounds lighter. Remember this is a lifestyle! The important thing is no waste, and by following these simple procedures you will do just that. One of the simplest ways of being green is to eliminate waste.

Of course, many of the recipes in this segment can be easily adapted for larger quantities. Watch my video for vegetable preparations that will make it possible to spend a little more time out of the kitchen.

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