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Stacey's Hot Dish: Mission Statement


When Michael came to me a little over a year ago and informed me that I was going to become a food blogger: I was intrigued.
See, we both have had long term plans for global domination for many, many years.  It seemed that this could be a start to the way...  It all went down like this: Michael's latest venture, [back then,] was to start his world take-over via a new blog.  A blog?  He had asked me if I would like to participate by doing a food segment every once in a while.  

No pressure just good fun in the kitchen cooking together like we have been doing for many, many years!  25 years to be exact.  Boy, the amount of food that we have cooked together: all those meals, all those holidays, all those people fed, all of these abounding years – well, lets just say: “I have many fond memories!” To be quite honest with you, I had never read any blog ever!  Eventually, I will open an upscale cafe specializing in “fancy” home-style cooking inspired by the types of food which I grew up with.  I had always wanted to write a cookbook to co-exist with this cafe bearing my mother’s namesake, Billie Rae's.  The concept has been changing over the years, but the basic foundation and structure remain loyal to the simple core idea: good food!  No, great food!

*I thought a blog might be a conducive place to start working it all out.*

So, I started to blog; and, I was a blogger.  It really is so very De Cartes when you think of it!  It was fun, new and something exciting for me to do with my spare time.  I seem to always do my best when I have several creative outlets going on at the same time in my life.  For the most part it was and still is great brain work for me.  As I started to move forward, it was becoming clear that I was going to have to quickly come up with constant new ideas that would better suit what it was that I was trying to accomplish.  Sharing recipes is great - after all  that is what I am doing; however, I found that I was getting bored fast with my blog because there isn't enough to keep me interested other than what new content I happen to be working on.  I wasn't really sure if anybody really gave a shit about it even though I was getting great feedback from loyal followers; most of them dear and close friends.

I wanted my blog to serve as a creative outlet to explore and exploit one of my great passions – food!  Something to push myself into the vast world of knowledge.  Not only for myself, but something relevant to share with others.  I like being informed.  I love informing.  As it turned out, many people were eager to review new content on the blog, and had no problem letting me know that it was time to post something new when I hadn't been as diligent as I may have wished to be.   There were even times I would go without a post for weeks at a time, because I had a lot on my plate at the moment.  Even still, I continued to receive many hits from my loyalists taking the time to check-out Stacey's Hot Dish.  Although I had always taken the blog pretty seriously, I realized that regardless of “what” and “when” this was “where” I can figure it all out.

I am once again completely changing the structure and format of my blog to better remedy the issues I have with time/space!  I have decided that it would read better in the form of a good old fashion periodical.  So, after much time, thought and lots of “what should I do, and how should I do it?”  Not to mention tireless help from my many talented friends, all of whom were more than willing.  I have decided, “I will do a monthly posting just like a magazine.  An “e-zine” if you will.  I am sure that in the process things will change around a bit as I iron out the wrinkles, but for now I present to you the premiere issue of “Stacey's Hot Dish

- Stacey Abillie late winter /early spring 2010 Milwaukee, Wisconsin


  1. Looking forward to tasty tempting news from your kitchen to mine!

  2. food blooger: flooger

    short or long oh?