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Heirloom tomatoes in many varieties.

Being that we are in the full peak of summer, I just couldn't resist sharing one of my favorite things!  They include all of my favorite summer foods and flavors.  It is quick and easy and decadent!  You may have to make a couple of stops, but for me, I am already headed to one place and all I have to do is make sure I pick up plenty of fresh vine ripened heirloom tomatoes  and fresh tarragon, and fresh corn on the cob at my local farmers market.  See, there is a good reason to go to West Allis!   

California Avocados

From your local supermarket pick-up 4-5 oz lobster tails.  1 lobster tail will stuff 1 heirloom tomato and 1 fresh California avocado.  This will be plenty for 1 person.  I am going to pick mine up from the fish monger at the St. Paul Fish Market in the Milwaukee Public Market.  The rest of the ingredients I already have in stock.  
Fresh lobster tails are available year round.
What to do:
In a medium bowl combine, for each lobster tail, 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise, a dash of heavy cream or half and half, half of a small minced shallot, 1/2 teaspoon fresh chopped tarragon, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a pinch of sea salt, and fresh cracked pepper.  Mix and chill until ready to use. 
Steam or poach your lobster tails.  I poached mine in vermouth, spring water, shallots, garlic, fresh  lemons, and plenty of fresh tarragon with a generous pinch of French gray sea salt and fresh ground pepper.   The poaching liquid should almost cover the lobster tail.  Poach at a constant simmer.  Do not boil the lobster tails as they will become tough and rubbery. Your lobster tails will be done when the shells turn to a bright coral red.  This should take 4-9 minutes.  Be careful not to over cook you lobster  - cook just until the flesh becomes opaque.  If using frozen lobster allow them to thaw in the refrigerator before poaching.  Set lobster tails aside to cool.
When tails are cool remove from shells.  Save any poaching liquid and lobster shells for another application.  You can e-mail me, [] for ideas on what to do with the shells and poaching liquid.  Personally, I am making lobster butter with mine.

Rip the lobster tail into nice sized chunks.  Gently fold into the mayonnaise mixture.  Prepare an avocado by removing the skin and pit, and an heirloom tomato by cutting an "X" from the top of the tomato to about 1/2" from the bottom.  Arrange the avocado and tomato on a plate and stuff with the lobster mixture.  Garnish with fresh kernels of uncooked corn cut fresh off the cob and fresh tarragon.  These stuffed summer delights will pair well with a variety of white wines.  Today I enjoyed mine with Prosecco.  

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