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It seems I am always asking Nick what his favorite things are. Whether it is his favorite cake, fruit, ice cream... Get the picture? His answers are always concise, very particular [with the exception of the text messages printed below in the *foot note]. I love to take that information and go into my kitchen where I let the “madness of creation” begin. One thing I like to do in my kitchen when I can find the time is to create something from an idea and ingredients using my mind and turn it all into something new and fantastic. “I LIKE THE PROCESS OF TRIAL AND ERROR!” Few things excite me more than when I nail something dead on the first time out-of-the-gate. I like working something out in theory using my mind, to figure out the math and science of it. Since it is all relatively simple: cooking can be an awesome experiment! I most certainly enjoy creating something for someone.


 "SEVERAL CIRCLES” 1926, OIL ON CANVAS, 55 X-55 IN (140 X 140 CM)

In this issue I am NUTS ABOUT NICK! I have put together an assortment of postings that involves some of my favorite food moments [as of late.] Nick says he doesn't mind letting me exploit him on the internet. I have a bundle if unpublished posting that I have been saving for just the right moments, because I am not always able to post certain articles by the time I have time to completely finish them. The body of work in this current issue is a combination of events and life moments that have taken place over the last few years. As luck would have it they are all documented - these are some of Nick's favorite things.

I think:
“Nick is the cutest boy on Earth... and, I am nuts about him!”

*FOOT NOTE: This is a text conversation between Nick and myself a couple of weeks ago.

To: Nick From: Me
08/18/2010 11:18 am
Happy Wednesday! Stacey here. Do you have a favorite artist?

To: Me From: Nick
08/18/2010 1:09 pm
You too, not really, not that I can think of.

I was asking him this question because I was going to do some research on the artist and post an interesting “work of art” and use it to dictate the color theme for the current issue. This month I have chosen the art work based on other criteria. Kandinsky was chosen because Nick's favorite color is black. Watts was chosen because "HOPE" is beautiful... and, well... isn't it obvious? And, the rest were chosen as plays on words.

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  1. Hey, my name is Sheila, and I just wanted to say that your explanation at the beginning of your fried rice video was exactly what I needed to hear! Never once did I think about cooling the rice down, before making the dish! And to think, I always ended up screaming at my rice when it would never turn out =P Thank you so much for the incredibly helpful tip^^ Btw, I love love love your blog, it's amazing =)