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Where Have I Been???

Sorry I have been so non-present! For all of those of you who have contacted me with concerns regarding my whereabouts..... fear not! I am here! I've been adjusting to a new job and working crazy new hours! Ironic how it has worked out over the past few weeks. I am just a part-timer at this cute little Third Ward Cafe, but over the past two weeks, for sure, I have worked more hours than any other employee! Not complaining, just stating the facts. I really like it, a lot!!! It is nice to get back into the food service industry because for me it seems to make a bunch of sense to have my fingers on the pulse of the whole food thing [after all, my blog is about food!] DON'T YOU ALL AGREE?
So, today Sunday the 3rd of March, 2009, I have 3-4 things of utmost importance to do. In order of importance:
1.) Eat food! Brunch. Somewhere and very soon.
2.) After that, I am off to my favorite little secret place to buy a pair of shoes! I love getting a GREAT new pair of shoes. I almost like it more than ..............................
3.) Work on my friends, Kari and Ruben wedding details. This is actually the most important thing I have to do today, but I will have "best" and "better" ideas with a new pair of shoes!
4.) Do some blogging so stay tuned everyone! I gotta whole bunch of stuff on the back burner of the stove!

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