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Would you do anything to save the life of you pet? I would! My cats are dear to me. I am closer to them at times than anyone in my life; and come what may: they are always there for me.

In recent years, the manufacturer of the food that I have been feeding my cats, Bridget and Shazza, all of their lives have been at the center of many concerning death and health issues in both dogs and cats. A once recommended and respected company, Nutro, which was recently bought my Mars, has been at the center of FDA investigations. Some of the issues were brought to my attention when I started buying my pet food at a new local boutique-type pet supply store that just opened up in my neighborhood. It was recommended to me at * "Bark and Scratch" on West Blue Mound Road in Milwaukee that the best food choices for my cats were the brands: *California Naturals, *Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul, *Taste of the Wild, and *Evo. I sampled around just a bit before deciding on “Taste of the Wild”.

While compiling the data for this article I started to become overwhelmed by the facts at hand. My intention was to share knowledge and to write an informative article on the importance of feeding our pets well. All this blogging about food and it occurred to me that I should include pieces pertaining to our furry loved ones. Since I do not subscribe to cat owners monthly or any thing like that, I rely on information from the professionals at my pet supply store to help me maintain good health and wellness for my babies!

I went to the AAFCO, [Association of America Feed Control Officials, Inc] web-site and ended up at and started to read the standards for cat food. You can find the standards for dogs and other animals too. Now that these issues have come to my attention I have been checking these web-sites from time to time. Don’t just assume that your reputable brand of pet food is playing by the rules! Keep up on what is going on with the manufacturer of your pet food and become friends with your suppliers. The life and health of your pets could very well depend on your diligence. I have found that the people who sell me my pet food are passionate about animals and are more than willing to help answer questions I have. If they do not know the answer they will find it.

Who knew? My pet supply store, that's who! Thank goodness the caring professionals at my local pet supply store who took the time to educate me about this matter. I encourage you to read the labels of all products concerning your animals. Call your Vet, ask you feed supplier, go on line… make it a priority to educate yourself about the food you are feeding you animals as well as the products you use on and around them (ie: your household cleaners) because they deserve good health, love and happiness! It is your responsibility.

You do it for yourself.

You do it for your children.

Do it for your pets!

For more information on recalls and FDA investigations or standards on pet food please visit the following links:

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